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1. A SHIVA SHANKER Lecturer M.SC,APSET,TSSET,ICAR,ICARSRF shivamicro2010@gmail.com 8008578195


Microbiology is an interesting subject it deals with the fundamental laws of life of microorganisms. It has emerged as a key biological science and is also a central hub for sustainable development. Since microorganisms provide the model for and used in molecular biology for research purposes.

It plays an important role in our life directly and indirectly as well. It also promises for the bright future of mankind if it is used in a proper way. It has a wide scope in medical, food & industrial, agriculture and environment.

The department of Microbiology was established in the year 2018.

Teaching: 01 Guest Faculty is working (against the 01 Sanctioned post).

Students: At present, the student strength is 69 (including both I and II years).

Course: B.Sc. Microbiology is a 3-year full-time course. It is designed as a semester, two semesters per year; six in total. The Medium of instructions is in English. Here we are offering Microbiology in three combinations of courses i.e. MBC, MBZ and MZC.


Ø Impart knowledge regarding Microbiology and its applications in their daily life.

Ø Demonstrate practical skills in the use of tools, technologies and methods are common to microbiology.

Ø Explain within multiple microbiology disciplines the core theories and practices.

Ø Preparing students for competitive exams for higher education by taking a special class.

Ø Teaching moral ethics so that they can become fit (good human being) for society.







Research paper 1 - Identification of Opportunistic Pathogenic Bacteria in Drinking Water Samples of Different Rural Health Centers and Their Clinical Impacts on Humans.
Research paper 2 - Exploration of bacterial contaminants in reservoirs of Palamuru by PCR-DGGE method: household water treatment.
Research paper 3 - Isolation and characterization of novel and efficient protease producing bacteria from drinking water resources (In press).